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Drive Thru 

This is one our most popular services! As the only intercom dealer and repair center in New Mexico, we service clients throughout the state. We can help improve the functionality, efficiency, and sound quality of your drive-thru. Whether it is a small business or a chain restaurant we will be there for your needs. Our drive-thru expertise includes;

  • Intercom Systems:​ 3M, Panasonic, HME

  • Timers: Fast Track, HME

  • Greeters: 3M, HME

  • Order Conformation Units: Texas Digital, Everbrite, Delphi, Hyperactive

  • Prefab Loops: Always stocked and ready for any last minute installations.

  • Sawcut loops

  • Batteries: 3M, HME, Panasonic, and more!

  • Headset Ear Pads

  • Headset Ear Pad Screens

  • Speakers

  • Microphones

  • Cable

  • Acoustic Kits

  • Switches

  • Chargers

  • Transformers

  • 2- Way Radios

  • Headset: All brands

Image by Terry Jaskiw
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